Mission Statement

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We are a Foundation School and are part of the Middlesborough Co-operative Learning Trust along with six other schools:

  • Abingdon Primary School
  • Acklam Whin Primary School
  • Berwick Hills Primary School
  • Breckon Hill Primary School
  • Archibald Primary School
  • Thorntree Primary School
 Our Mission Statement
Within school and within the wider school community, our goal is to :

Promote respect between learners, parents/ carers and colleagues, working together for success.
Provide a rich, creative curriculum that builds upon the learners’ abilities, experiences and interests, equipping them with important skills for the future.
Extend each learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills to the highest standard.
Help each learner to see their own potential – developing confidence, independence and a positive self image.

We will :

Set and share clear targets to help each learner to progress towards and beyond age related expectations.
Provide every learner with a range of challenging opportunities that will promote decision making, problem solving and effective communication.
Help our learners to develop the skills, interests, values and personal resources that will successfully equip them for a rapidly changing world, irrespective of their gender, ability, age, race or religion.
Ensure that learners are polite, courteous and well mannered.
Foster positive partnerships with learners, families, colleagues and the wider community.
Provide support, encouragement and challenge for all learners.

Provide a safe, stimulating, exciting environment.

We are committed to strategies that:

Reflect the Every Child Matters outcomes ( see attached sheet ).
Recognises and responds to the needs of the school and wider community, valuing their contributions.
Recognise and reward achievements and successes.
Support the training and professional development of colleagues.
Provide positive role models!