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Your child’s name can be put onto our Nursery waiting list from the day they are born; however no child can be admitted to school nursery before their third birthday.

If your child is given a place in our school Nursery you are still required to complete an Admissions form from the Local Authority to apply for a place in full time school.  Children who are aged 4+ are admitted into the Reception class at the start of September. 

Prior to joining the Reception Class, a number of “Meet the Teacher” sessions are arranged for the children attending our Nursery.  Visits can also be arranged for those children who do not attend our Nursery.

A meeting is held for all new parents/carers to explain the running of the Reception Class and the school. Parents/carers are given opportunities to meet their child’s teachers and see their classroom.  Within this meeting parents/carers are informed about the curriculum, and any other important information that they may need is shared.  

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